Creating the First Poverty Conference
The first Poverty Conference was held on October 15, 2013 in Longview. Spearheaded by Dr. John Feezell, community organizations such as Workforce Solutions East Texas, the East Texas Council of Governments, LeTourneau University and the Junior League of Longview were instrumental in laying the foundation for the gathering.
Why Is This Conference Important?
Poverty is a significant issue in the 14 counties of East Texas with poverty rates between 15% and 17% in general and poverty rates among children between 25% and 30%.  These figures represent individuals who must deal with poverty daily.  The rates suggest broad economic and social implications.  Reducing these rates is the current focus of many private and public organizations in the area.
  • 2013 Keynote Speaker: Dr. Ruby K. Payne, author of A Framework for Understanding Poverty and Bridges Out of Poverty 
  • Panel discussion with Dr. Payne and the Afternoon Breakout speakers 
  • Mrs. Deena Shelton (LeTourneau University)
2013 Conference Theme:

Through collaboration and education, this community centered conference seeks to identify, inspire and share
practical, person-empowering, poverty-reducing/wealth-creating solutions for East Texas.