Poverty Conference
Tuesday, August 22, 2017
LeTourneau University Belcher Center
Longview, Texas   |  8am-Noon
Join the Conversation!
Educators, business leaders, elected officials, community
volunteers, church members, parents and friends should join the discussion about combatting poverty in our community.
Contining education hours are available for educators and administrators attending the Poverty Conference.
2017 Keynote Speaker
Formerly homeless as a youth in New York City, Liz Murray transformed her life of despair into an inspiritn journey of determination, hope and hard-won success. 

Liz is the author of the New York Times bestselling memoir Breaking Night and was the subject of Lifetime Television's Emmy-nominated film Homeless to Harvard
Each year, the conference committee works with nonprofit, government, education and business leaders to identify pressing issues surrounding poverty in East Texas.

New in 2017, the conference will bring in several regional school districts to highlight conversations and strategies related to poverty and education.

Beyond the Conference
"Great conference - now what?"  

This question is asked each year and that's how we spark community change! What do the next steps look like today & tomorow?


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  4. What are the latest poverty statistics and trends affecting East Texas and beyond?

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Poverty in East Texas

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Breaking Night: Liz Murray
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Childhood Poverty in Texas
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Continuing Education 

History & Highlights

Educators and administrators have the opportunity to secure continuing education credit by attending the Poverty Conference.
Learn about the inaugural Poverty Conference hosted by community leaders in 2013.
Liz Murray's Story

Breaking Night is the New York Times bestselling memoir by Liz Murray. She was born to loving but drug-addicted parents in the Bronx. In school she was taunted for her dirty clothes and lice-infested hair, eventually skipping so many classses that she was put into a girls' home. At age 15 she found herself on the streets when her family finally unraveled.  When Liz's mother died of AIDS, she decided to take control of her own destiny and go back to high school, often completing her assignments in the hallways and subway stations where she slept. Liz squeezed four years of high school into two, while homeless, won a New York Times scholarship and made it into the Ivy League.