2016 Poverty Conference
Thursday, October 20
Belcher Center @ LeTourneau University
Longview, Texas
Join the Conversation!
Educators, business leaders, elected officials, community
volunteers, church members, parents and friends should join the discussion about combatting poverty in our community.
Contining education hours are available for educators and administrators attending The Poverty Conference.
2016 Keynote Speaker
Wes Moore is a youth advocate, Army combat veteran, social entrepreneur, NY Times bestselling author and host of Beyond Belief on the Oprah Winfrey Network.  
Wes is committed to helping the parents, teachers, mentors and advocates who serve our nation's youth.
2015 Poverty Conference Recap 
Keynote speaker Geoffrey Canada   presented a two-hour lecture focused on The Crisis Facing Our Youth: What We Can Do to Save our Children and Revitalize Our Community.  Conference attendees also participated in a wide range of interactive breakout sessions and workshops . THANK YOU to all community sponsors and partners!
Beyond the Conference
"Great conference - now what?"  This question was asked by so many last fall and that's how we spark community change! What do the next steps look like today & tomorow?

In November, the Junior League of Longview and community leaders hosted a recap discussion - read more!

2016 Poverty Conference Partners 

  1. Find event logistics, registration pricing and key conference information here.
  2. Get to know the Poverty Conference host and learn about projects led by JLL.
  3. Learn about our community and conference partners. We invite you to get involved!
  4. What are the latest poverty statistics and trends affecting East Texas and beyond?

Junior League of Longview 

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Conference Partners

Poverty in East Texas

Continuing Education 

History & Highlights

Educators and administrators have the opportunity to secure continuing education credit by attending the Poverty Conference.
Learn about the inaugural Poverty Conference hosted by community leaders in 2013.

Video Gallery

“I found myself surrounded by people--starting with
my mom, grandparents, uncles, and aunts, and
leading to a string of wonderful role models and
mentors--who kept pushing me to see more than
what was directly in front of me, to see the
boundless possibilities of the wider world and the
​unexplored possibilities ​within myself.

People who taught me that no accident of birth --
not being black or relatively poor, being from
Baltimore or the Bronx or​fatherless -- would
ever define or limit me.

-  Wes Moore

The Other Wes Moore 
Random House
Childhood Poverty in Texas
(May 2014)

Geoffrey Canada
TED Talk 
May 2013